a green wall installation on a balcony on a london rooftop

London Balcony Green Wall Installation

London Balcony Green Wall Installation

The views out over London are often pretty spectacular, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony. But what happens when the first thing you see is the grey concrete façade of the wall in front of you? Quite simply, the best thing to do is let Vistafolia solve the problem for you.

The new owner of this London apartment was underwhelmed with the look of their patio area and needed something to improve the aesthetic and asked our team to come up with a solution to green up the space with something long-lasting without the need for maintenance.

The installation posed some technical challenges for our team who were able to overcome them with zero fuss. The sections at each end of the balcony were glass panels. Because Vistafolia offers a complete end to end service including installation, we were able to engineer a frame that could be bonded to the glass with a specialist adhesive, allowing the foliage panels to be installed safely and securely. Similarly, the edges of the glass were rounded, but the Vistafolia range can be adapted to virtually any size and any shape by our team of experts, allowing the green wall to follow the existing shape.

Even in a windy area that gets full sun for portions of the day, our artificial green walls stand the test of time and are protected by a world-leading 5-year warranty, offering every single client complete peace of mind. The client here was blown away by the result and can enjoy the view safe in the knowledge that it will stand the test of time.