Green Wall Basement Staircase

Green Wall Basement Staircase

Vertical Green Wall Staircase Design

As leading luxury artificial living Vertical Gardens specialists in London, we pride ourselves on creating and installing bespoke artificial green walls finished for both interior & exterior projects, this stairs case study is a clear example of how versatile and easy to customise is our signature panels.

Striking decorations for staircases are normally custom-made rather than bought off the shelf, designed by the house designer or architect, or sometimes by the owners themselves. Vistafolia® not also offers an extraordinary product but also a one to one consultation with a free site survey run for experienced professionals that can address your specific requirements with customizing your wall and application.


The garden designers specified Vistafolia® for this project to create a natural-looking green wall to soften what was a very unwelcoming entrance. They wanted to create a ‘wow’ factor, completely changing the energy of this building as visitors arrived. The solution was to offer a welcoming natural environment which would not be possible with real plants. Our products are perfect for solutions like this as they’re far more suitable. Since stairs are one of the most frequently used areas of your home, a beautiful staircase decoration can serve a purpose far beyond the functional, Vertical Garden Screening can transform the stairs look of any residential or commercial location into an architectural centrepiece. This staircase home project added an effortless touch of minimalist style and elegance to this living space transformed into a stunning focal point creating an opportunity to inject some colour and personality into the overall design scheme and an update making the most of that space with attractive artificial living foliage. So often in urban projects, space is a premium and to try to use real foliage in this restricted situation would have been impossible. The Vistafolia® system takes up minimal space and can be used in areas like this where so many other solutions would be complicated, expensive and impractical. An additional benefit is that the Vistafolia® product can be cut to fit virtually any space and still look great.

Products used

25 x 80cm x 80cm Signature panels; 2 x Colour Boxes