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Artificial Green Walls Tokyo

Vistafolia® and Green Field Inc form a dream team in Japan.

VistaFolia® is proud to be partnered with Chiba-based Green Field Inc, a leading Japanese distributor of premium construction and landscaping solutions. Launched in 1997, Green Field Inc specialises in providing high quality landscaping products to Japanese and Taiwanese markets including popular DuPont products Xavan; a chemical-free polypropylene weed control solution and, construction and landscaping foundation stabiliser, Ground Grid.


Green Field Inc’s management instantly formed a deep respect for VistaGreen® founder Paul Alder’s passion and knowledge for plants – a respect which was very much mutual. During the first meeting, it was immediately apparent that the two companies share a philosophy and vision for re-imagining the way in which nature and the built environment can work side by side. Due to relatively small living spaces, the Japanese culture places great importance on nature and, Green Field Inc were instantly drawn to VistaGreen’s natural and beautiful vibrant green walls and lush foliage and, were delighted by the simple and straightforward installation techniques. From that first meeting, it was clear that a partnership between Green Field Inc and VistaGreen® would form a team of unparalleled talent, experience and vision.

Ebisu Hills Tokyo

Named after the God of Good Fortune, Ebisu is a vibrant and trendy area of Tokyo and is home to the city’s most popular shopping, culture and leisure centre, Yebisu Garden Place. A stunning piece of architecture with a distinctive glass and metal arch, the centre contains a number of bars and restaurants as well as high end stores and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Privacy Screening Tokyo

VistaGreen® and Green Field Inc were tasked with softening the exterior of Ebisu Hills, a three storey complex of condominiums in Shibuya. Although luxurious, it was felt that the exterior of the exclusive apartment block was a little cold and uninviting. The entrance to the building is accessed by a path, along which an imposing wall featuring the name of the complex and distinctive metal panels is dominant – and it was this wall which the team felt was the perfect place for a little VistaGreen® magic. Treating the wall as a blank canvas, the team designed a top to bottom carpet of perfect lush greenery, leaving room for the complex’s name plate. Not only does the wall look great from the outside but, it also provides residents with an improved view from many of the apartments.

With increasingly busy lives, more and more business and residential customers are opting for artificial turf and decorative artificial green wall in order to add warmth to a building. In the case of Ebusa Hills, the addition of the Vistafolia® wall has transformed the exterior into a much more welcoming and attractive view.

The benefits of Vistafolia®‘s artificial green walls are myriad and include:

  • Practical: Vistafolia’s artificial green walls require almost no maintenance – an important factor for those who are time-poor.
  • Environment: Vistafolia’s artificial foliage requires none of the water and harmful pesticides which contribute to damage to our environment.
  • Convenience: Vistafolia’s artificial walls are quick and easy to install, causing the minimum of disruption to residents.