Cruise Ship Green Wall

Cruise Ship Green Wall

Cruise Ship Artificial Green Wall

It’s long been established that a Vistafolia® wall goes anywhere, but what happens when the idea of the installation is that our artificial green wall panels go everywhere? Cruise ships are big business, offering passengers a taste of luxury and a 5-star treatment every step of the way. And what could be better to promote a theme of extravagance than one of our stunning green walls?

Saga Cruises approached us to provide them with a low-maintenance green walls option that looked as good as the real thing. Any by installing our breathtakingly beautiful Signature Range on one of their outdoor areas, we did just that. The panels don’t require any ongoing water or chemicals, and certainly have no need for an irrigation system – something that would be unnecessarily complicated on a ship. Instead, a simple periodic hose down will keep the wall looking its best every day, whether docked in port or sailing the seven seas.


As well as the importance of needing a solution that essentially took care of itself, the wall also needed to stand up to the elements. As well as some of our more usual considerations such as extremes of temperature and direct sunlight, this wall needed to last when faced with the prospect of a battering from a salty sea wind. Our foliage is not affected by the elements, and the steel grid is covered by a layer of powder coating, leaving the panels fully protected against anything the open water may throw at them.

Saga chose to add the green colour box option to this wall, leaving them a lush, textured finish with a completely natural look to rival a real wall. The customisation benefits of the colour boxes also came in handy when Saga looked to expand our green walls to more vessels. The choice of colours mean that each subsequent wall will have a its own unique, bespoke look, while still having that same, consistent Vistafolia® quality.

The ease of installation of Vistafolia® was especially useful, as the ship was being fitted out in Germany. The cost of sending a team into mainland Europe was prohibitive for the customer. But our purpose-built fixing system and easy to follow installation guide allowed for a smooth installation, and our install team provided some training via video call to ensure that everyone had the information they needed.

Vistafolia® truly is the number 1 solution for artificial green walls on the market. So whether you’re looking to green up a small area, or have grand designs in mind, why not challenge Vistafolia® to make your dreams a reality?