Green Wall Retail Concept

Green Wall Retail Concept

Green Walls Retail Concept

A lot of Vistafolia® walls are simple rectangles because, let’s face it, most walls are rectangular. But some walls just lend themselves to something a bit different and present a fun design challenge. The Bat & Ball in Stratford are all about standing out from the crowd and presenting their customers with a unique retail experience. As such, they wouldn’t settle for an off the shelf green wall and instead wanted a truly bespoke design, custom fit green walls to their vision. A real wall would have been completely unsuitable and thus an artificial solution was required.

The large timber wall in the bar presented a blank canvas to work with and our in-house design team set about creating a concept that was eye-catching and unusual. By working with our 80cm x 80cm panel size in mind, we were able to minimise wastage from offcuts, to ensure the client got the most from their Vistafolia® panels and received great value for money. VistaGreen’s design team love a challenge, and it is always rewarding to see your concept turned into a finished project.


By knowing the product inside and out and working closely with our technical department, the finished design led to a straightforward installation for Vistafolia’s experienced team to complete, and left the client with an instant, zero maintenance, luxury green walls for customers to enjoy all year round. The maintenance factor was huge on this project, as any care required for the plants would cause logistical issues given the height of the wall. Vistafolia® is a practical solution that negates the need for any ongoing maintenance, giving all of our clients time to take care of the more important things in life.

The elegant bursts of lush green foliage create eye-catching swathes of colour through the wall, offsetting the rustic wood of the timber panels. By adding in extra foliage from our colour boxes, the wall can be made to the exact look desired, which in turn adds an element of randomness to the finish that one would associate with a real green wall.

Being situated in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, London, the “green wall” also needed to comply with the strict building regulations that were in place. Vistafolia’s best-in-class fire certification made it the only artificial green wall product on the market that would satisfy these requirements, giving everyone complete peace of mind.