Pan-N-Ice Social Media Green Wall

Pan-N-Ice Social Media Green Wall

Social Media Green Wall

Established in 2015, Pan-N-Ice have gone from strength to strength in building a brand that endeavours to ensure their customer’s happiness. Since securing a semi-permanent concession in Selfridges, London, Pan-N-Ice has had the opportunity to jazz up their fun and energetic ice cream parlour. And how better to do that than to install one of our artificial green walls?

Due to restrictions on space, Pan-N-Ice were relatively limited to what they could do to make the area in the huge department store more exciting. An artificial green wall has enabled them to add joy and excitement to their concession, with an explosion of lush green foliage perfectly complementing the pastels of the rest of their interior. Similarly, the bursts of delicate white flowers from our colour box range has helped create a feature wall that draws the eye, even from across the vast food hall floor.


Our colour box range gives our clients the opportunity to customise their green walls from adding bursts of vibrant colour with our soft lavender colour box to adding an extra depth of texture and dimension to the wall with our lush green colour box. Alternatively, contrast against the green jungle with our delicate white colour boxes. Each colour box contains individual flowers that can be fixed anywhere on our green walls – ensuring your wall is individual to you. They can also be swapped out and changed as the mood takes you.

With a heavy focus on customer satisfaction and happiness, through installing one of our artificial green walls, Pan-N-Ice have a space that fully encapsulates their playful and joyous outlook as well as offering customers the perfect backdrop to take social media-worthy photographs, both of themselves and their delicious treats.

We believe that any green wall should be exactly to the customers specifications, so when we discovered that Pan-N-Ice wanted a neon heart sign with a slogan, over the top of the green wall this wasn’t an issue. Instead, the fixings for the neon sign were installed first, followed by our lush green wall. All that’s left to do is position the neon sign on the fixtures that stick through our panels, eradicating the possibility of gaps between the plants and ensuring that the sign takes centre stage due to being fully accented by our green wall.

Similarly, our Signature panels are painstakingly designed to mimic real life plants, with vibrant hyper-realistic foliage and a convincing growth pattern, meaning that unless you get up close to touch and smell it, you wouldn’t know it’s not the real thing. Plus, it comes with the added bonus of not having to install costly irrigation systems, or artificial lights as you would with real living walls, saving you time, space and money.