Furniture Store Green Wall

Furniture Store Green Wall

Artificial Green Walls Sweden

Furniture store break out area. It has long been documented that greenery can bring a wealth of health benefits when used in a working environment. However, the upkeep of real green walls can often prove to be stressful in itself, requiring water and chemicals, as well as the sunlight requirements that can be quite demanding. And that is where Vistafolia® comes in, with an ultra-realistic range that offers clients instant greenery that doesn’t require any of the maintenance associated with the real thing.


At this Furniture store in Sweden the client wanted to bring some greenery to their breakout space to add a sense of peace to the room. Enhancing the customers’ journey through the creation of green walls that served as an attractive focal point for the luxurious interior. Decorating the living room with artificial greenery instantly creates a space to relax it also contributes to generate a sense of calm to escape the hustle and bustle.

After all, these areas should be a space to relax and unwind. Vistafolia’s modern and stylish design went hand in hand with sophisticated décor for this Scandinavian furniture store.

The simplistic nature of the Vertical Garden installation process meant that the panels were installed in a short space of time. Obstructions on the wall such as power points and fire alarm call points were easily got around – the panels are very simple to cut and can be adjusted to virtually any size, meaning the space remains functional at all times. Vistafolia’s commitment to innovation and improvement of the product means that our achieving of a market-leading fire rating allowed the panels to meet the strict requirements for the office space, giving everyone complete peace of mind.

The client opted for a lush green colour box option, with the additional large textured plants proving to be the ideal complement to their vision of a lush, multidimensional wall of foliage that will last.