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Hilton Hotel Green Wall

Hilton Green Walls London

The brief for this project was to hide all the air-conditioning units in the inner courtyard of the hotel, in which premium rooms looked directly out on to air-conditioning units that were 3.5m high and really noisy when running. Vistafolia® was asked to design a wall that was at least 4m high to obscure the view, but also allow access for maintenance of the machinery.

We designed a timber-framed structure which we clad with Vistafolia® Signature Panels, adding additional foliage from our Colour Boxes to create larger drifts of grasses and foliage with a small smash of colour from some delicate light green/yellow flowers. The green wall privacy screen also provided an acoustic benefit, as it lowered the noise level of the air-conditioning units.


Above all, the wall had to look attractive all year round to create a calming and tranquil view from the hotel bedrooms and corridors. Instead of being less-attractive rooms with an unsightly view, these are now premium rooms looking out on to a beautiful artificial green wall. This designed solution could never had been achieved with real plants due to the site location, weight, maintenance and above all cost, and overall resulted in a better-looking wall than could have ever have been achieved with real plants.