a panaroma of an artificial green roof installation by Vistafolia

Manchester Roof Garden

Artificial Planting Solution In A Roof Garden

While Vistafolia’s panels are best suited to a vertical surface, they are perhaps more versatile than you might think. When our designers start to get creative, stunning results are often produced and this example is no exception.

Vistafolia® were tasked with providing a horizontal solution for this roof garden in Manchester. Real plants weren’t an option because of issues with ongoing maintenance and weight restrictions. Indeed, a living green roof can weigh upwards of 250kg per m2 which wouldn’t have been suitable in this instance. The client needed a solution for year-round greenery, with the main purpose of improving the view from the apartment windows that overlooked the roof

By installing a mixture of Vistafolia® panels, artificial turf and pebbles to the roof, we were able to create a stunning artificial roof garden with no requirement for ongoing maintenance. Our expert team were able to complete the whole installation in just one week, including customising panels on site with extra ultra-realistic faux foliage to give extra height to the panels.

By adding the garden to the roof, the developer was able to raise the asking price on the adjacent properties and the whole project paid for itself with the additional revenue created.