Masterchef Greenery Logo

Masterchef Greenery Logo

Artificial Green Wall Logo

Vistafolia® has built a reputation among design professionals for the versatility of our artificial green walls solution’s creative applications. The best brands have chosen Vistafolia® to complement their physical spaces, recognizing the excellent quality and simple yet stylish functionality of our Signature Panels.

Master Chef, the popular and long-running television cooking show, has integrated our green wall into its branding for its Lisbon edition. MasterChef’s familiar red logo, the small letter m surrounded by a stove coil, graces a bespoke circular greenery display set against a wood-paneled wall. The logo appears to float against the green wall, which is up-lit for dramatic effect. This project highlights the versatility of Vistafolia’s Signature Panels to create unique and customised designs. Our panels are engineered to provide maximum flexibility for any creative application and can be cut along its grids, and into any desired dimension, to fit into even the smallest, most irregular spaces.


Artificial green wall panels are a practical, cost-effective solution for providing environments and surfaces with a natural look where real plants would struggle. It would have been highly unfeasible to meet the requirements of the MasterChef branding with living plants, which would need water and sunlight, or expensive and complicated artificial lighting, to thrive in an indoor environment.

With our solution, the display can be put up in no time, in a fuss-free process that only requires attaching the panels to the surface with an easy tap and screw fixing system and to curve bespoke strips to fill out the circular shape.

The result is a vibrant display that exudes warmth and energy to evoke the passion of cooking and creation the show stands for.

Originally aired on the BBC from 1990 to 2001, MasterChef has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon, staged in over 35 countries, and followed by millions of viewers. The reality TV cooking competition pits amateur chefs against each other and features celebrity chefs as judges. Vistafolia® grew out of a demand by design and landscaping professionals for a low-maintenance alternative to costly and effortful living green walls. The product of intensive research and development and three decades of horticultural expertise by our founder, Paul Alder, Vistafolia® is now the global leader in artificial green wall solutions, chosen by the best brands and design luminaries.

We have taken care to eliminate the unsightly vertical and horizontal lines often seen in living green walls and provide seamless greenery coverage that employs subtle horticultural techniques to evoke abundance and depth of colour.