Outdoor Green Wall Staircase

Outdoor Green Wall Staircase

Unique Green Wall Design

Vistafolia® rises to the challenge of a sombre staircase. Barnes, situated in South West London, is known for its tree lined streets and leafy riverside walk. We were recently hired by a Barnes resident to help bring some of this greenery closer to home. Our client, who lives on a suburban street in the borough, is the owner of a residence with a paved outdoor seating area and an antique, wrought iron staircase finished in gunmetal grey with intricate scrollwork and silver studs. Unfortunately, the bare brick walls running alongside and to the front of the staircase gave the feature a stark and gloomy look, and the client was looking to brighten up the gloom without having to deal with the costly and time-consuming maintenance of living plants.

The Vistafolia® team noticed that, in addition to the bare walls running the length of the staircase, the areas at the foot of the stairs and underneath the risers also looked bare and uninviting. The team set about installing our lush green panels unique design to the walls using our simple to use fixing system that makes the whole process straightforward and hassle free. Colour boxes of soft lavender flowers were then attached to the frames to add the illusion of light against the rich green leaves. The crew ensured that each panel was different in order to avoid a completely uniform look, resulting in a more natural effect of wild plants growing along the staircase. Once the wall panels were installed, the spaces at the foot of the stairs and underneath the risers were filled with potted artificial shrubs in a light green in order to brighten up these dark spaces.


As our client is away from home a lot, the fact that the Vistafolia® foliage is seriously low maintenance was a major bonus, as was the fact that the wall can be customised with different colour boxes should she fancy a change to suit the mood or season. Unlike real vegetation, the client was delighted that her new greenery will stay looking great whatever the weather and won’t be affected by rain or by strong sunlight. High quality, fire resistant and, 100% recyclable, all Vistafolia® products are protected by our unique five-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

The client was over the moon with his new look staircase with its light and atmosphere ‘secret garden’ appeal and, is looking forward to tackling the rest of her outdoor space with unique Vistafolia® foliage and plant work.