Grespanaria-Lovetilies artificial potted plants

Stand Out In The Crowd

Artificial Green Walls Portugal

Traffic-stopping greenery backdrops are becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to stand out from the competition. Spiralling rents and low online prices mean that high street businesses need every advantage possible in order to succeed.

Lisbon’s internationally renowned Ceramic Love Tiles decided that it was time to upgrade their showroom display to further reflect their distinctive branding. The company, which produces high end tiling solutions, aims to create an emotional brand which promotes a feeling of affection and wellbeing.


Created as a showcase for Ceramic Love Tiles’ products, the showroom in Gres Panaria, Portugal, was bright and clean but lacked atmosphere and personality. The company wanted a showroom that customers would enjoy visiting and that would reflect the emotional ethos of the brand. On visiting the showroom, our Portuguese partners Wonderwall were delighted to discover that the space was, in effect, a blank canvas, perfectly suited to strong, stand-out design. It was understood that something very special was required for this display and, after several design meetings, the team decided to work with the brand’s distinctive ‘heart in a circle’ lighting fixture. The team propose lush green wall panels inset with the lighting fixture in order to create an eye-catching and clean effect. The green panels worked beautifully in breaking up the stark white walls and metal features of the showroom whilst perfectly highlighting the branding.

As Ceramic Love Tiles have a strong ethic regarding sustainable products, it was important to them that their new exhibition reflects this. The use of artificial foliage helps to cut down on water waste and the harmful chemicals used in modern pesticides, it is also a solution for indoor and shady areas that need the instant green look, where natural plants will not grow. For a busy showroom such as Ceramic Love Tiles, it was also important that the panels we installed require almost zero maintenance. Specialists in creating green walls for industrial spaces, Vistafolia’s privacy screens are hard wearing, durable and fire resistant, and come with added peace of mind in the form of our ISO certification.

Working together to create new design ideas. As well as our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, we work with a number of talented and trusted partners worldwide to ensure that the Vistafolia quality is evident in everything we do, no matter where you are in the world. From restaurants and cafes to prestigious museums and hotels, we work with our clients in order to ensure that every single panel is created to provide a beautiful and functional environment at the best possible price.