The Vistafolia green wall panels are labelled as A,B,C. Can I choose what pattern I want?

The VistaFolia Artificial Living Walls are labelled A, B & C in order to help create combinations of designs without repeating itself. Other manufacturers will just offer you a generic, design but you will find that their designs repeat themselves. Our solution on the other hand is a carefully designed and developed 3 panel system with foliage specifically arranged different for each panel to ensure a truly natural looking wall. So, of course you can choose whatever way to arrange them, but all the design work is already done for you.

For more information, click here and scroll for all the information on how our award-winning panels work. However, to help disrupt any potential repetition, you can also purchase colour boxes which really do offer a whole new dimension to your wall. Offering 8 different colours from Forest Flame to Lush Green; you have plenty of choice. Talk to our amazing team today on 0207 3851020 and they will be happy to help!

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