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Points of Difference: 5 Reasons Why You Can Put Your Trust in Vistafolia Products

We’re often asked by our clients why they should opt for our product for others that are available on the market. Ultimately, it’s the quality of our products, and our dedication to pushing the boundaries with regards to testing, innovation and customer service that stands us out from the crowd.

Here are 5 reasons why Vistafolia is the number 1 choice for artificial green walls:

1 – It Looks The Best

Countless hours have gone into designing, creating and perfecting our genius 3 panel system. Having been hand-designed from scratch by Paul Alder, an award-winning horticulturalist, every single leaf on every single plant goes through a rigorous process to make sure they are as lifelike and natural looking as they can be. Our patent-pending planting logic makes for a simple install that is completely seamless and never repetitive. And with our colour and texture boxes, the finished look can be whatever you desire.

2 – Our Testing & Certifications

As well as making sure the product looks good, we invested significantly into testing our products to the toughest standards available to guarantee quality, longevity and safety. Our UV testing is unmatched by any artificial green wall product available on the market and ensures the product will stay looking its best for years to come. On top of this, our product is the only fully tested and certified blended solution on the market. While some products may stake a claim to having both attributes, none can claim to have such high ratings for both, making our products ideal for commercial use, as well as round the home.

Points of Difference: 5 Reasons Why You Can Put Your Trust in Vistafolia Products

3 – Our Technical Support

We pride ourselves on offering every single one of our customers the very best service from start to finish. Often, the solutions to client requirements are straightforward. However, there are always projects that need a little bit more thought for one reason or another. Because we install these products day in, day out, we have the expertise to be able to come up with ingenious solutions to overcome even the trickiest of obstacles. Our in-house team can assist with the design of frameworks to house the panels, overcome issues with loadbearing, and provide the very best in technical advice for anyone that needs it. For us, it’s never a case of ‘if’ a challenge can be overcome, but rather a case of how we’d go about it.

4 – Our R&D Laboratory

Many green wall companies on the market simply buy in product from overseas and repackage it as their own without any understanding on the complexities of the panels and how they can be improved. By having our own in-house staff working round the clock to seek out even the smallest improvements in product design and performance, we are continually pushing Vistafolia to new places to ensure that every single one of our customers gets the very best in artificial greening. We’re striving to improve UV stability to improve product life, create bio-based plastics to minimise our environmental impact, and working with the UK government and Surrey University to create fully recyclable products for the future.

Points of Difference: 5 Reasons Why You Can Put Your Trust in Vistafolia Products

5 – Our Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask our hundreds of satisfied customers. Our clients only have positive things to say, with everyone enjoying their green walls for years to come. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the some of the world’s most recognisable brands from across the globe. From Christian Dior to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and from Roche Bobois to The World Trade Centre, clients at the top of their respective industries have trusted Vistafolia to deliver them with the very best solutions.

Vistafolia is striving to offer our customers the very best in artificial green walls. We relish a challenge and push ourselves to deliver excellence in everything we do, from the very first product design, through the rigorous testing process, to the delivering the end product to our customers. Why not get in touch today and see what Vistafolia can do for you?


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