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It’s important to know what you’re buying when you’re looking at any sort of artificial green wall solution. What follows is the Top 5 Reasons why you are better off choosing Vistafolia, and some bonus ones well.

True Realism

1. Our Founder, Paul Alder; an award-winning Horticulturist originally designed Vistafolia to be as close to a real living wall as can be, and has succeeded. In fact, our artificial living wall system looks so realistic, people often confuse it for a real living wall. This is thanks to our panels’ seamless coverage, compact foliage planting, varying planting heights and vibrant, natural tones. The same cannot be said about many other systems out there, the majority of whom simply buy 3rd party products from China and repackage them as their own without any design input whatsoever.

Certifications – Fire and UV

2. Vistafolia’s certifications are the highest of any green wall product on the market. More often than not, other competitors claim that they offer the same or similar certifications, but when challenged on this, they simply cannot produce any evidence. Some claim to have a fire rated product, but this is through the use of fire-retardant sprays, which are not suitable for outdoor use and are unlikely to pass scrutiny from a building control office, thus the messaging is somewhat misleading. It is a similar story when it comes to UV testing. When you dig deeper into what is on offer, tests have not been carried out for a prolonged period to accurately mimic real-world conditions or worse, have not been tested at all. For this reason, most companies will not warranty the product at all, or for a short time at best because of the lack of testing.  By way of comparison, Vistafolia offers a world-leading 5-year product warranty. By choosing Vistafolia, you will have complete peace of mind and confidence in your artificial living wall.

Steel vs Plastic Backing

3. Durability – We only use powder coated steel-backed panels, guaranteeing ultimate durability in all weathers. You will find that other panels use plastic backing which does not offer the rigidity required for a safe installation. This plastic backing is not UV resistant and will deteriorate after a period. The steel backing safeguards your artificial green wall from warping, making for a secure installation, and ensures a seamless transition from panel to panel, always.

Customisation – Your Wall, Your Way

4. Vistafolia uses a combination of different panels (A, B and C green wall panels). This ensures randomised foliage placement with no repetition. Unlike most companies, we do not sell one panel which is used over and over, because that simply doesn’t look good! The flow of planting across all three of the panels has been very deliberately created and perfected over time to minimise repetition and remove join lines. No other product on the market has this, meaning that their use of a single panel inevitably leads to repeating foliage and, ultimately, an unrealistic, patterned look. This is especially prevalent on larger installations. You can then take the extra step to make your artificial wall is even more unique. We offer 8 different colour and texture boxes that you can place anywhere on your green wall. Whether you want fresh, delicate blossoms or vibrant, fiery red flora, you can easily get the look you desire. Our 3-panel solution, along with our colour and texture boxes, offer 36 different customisation options, making each wall completely unique. A Vistafolia artificial plant wall can be tailored to anyone. No other product on the market has options for customising the finish of the panels with additional foliage.

The Only Trusted Product Warranty on the Market

5. We offer a 5-year product warranty on all our products; we promise to repair or replace our panels within this time. The best competing warranty out there is a 3-Year warranty and often this does not protect against colour fading. We are the only artificial wall supplier that is both UV and fire retardant, with certificates to prove it. It is quite likely that these competing products will begin to fade even before the stated warranty. We’ve had installations in place for almost 10 years in hot, sunny environments and to date have not had a return because of colour fade.

6, 7, 8 9, 10… The list is endless

ISO Standards

Vistafolia is one of the few products that has ISO9001 accreditation for the manufacturing. This means that the same quality standard can be expected every single time, and panels can be traced right back to the source.

REACH Compliance

Vistafolia’s faux wall panels are fully REACH compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), which means that all foliage has been tested to ensure they do not contain any chemicals that are banned or could be harmful in larger quantities.

Fixing System

Vistafolia’s purpose-built fixing system allows for a smooth, hassle-free installation that securely holds the panels in place on virtually any substrate. It also means that panels can easily be removed for maintenance and access to the wall behind. These fixings are tested to the same rigorous standards that we hold our panels to.

100% Pure Colour Pigments

The foliage is made using 100% pure colour pigments which are very carefully chosen to accurately mimic the colours and tones of real plants. Our colour blending process also allows for different shades of colours on leaves, rather than an unrealistic mono-colour finish.

Unparalleled Support

From our base in the UK and distributors throughout the US, our team of experts can assist with any queries that a client may have. We can make suggestions for design and installation, provide training, and are a one-stop shop for all things Vistafolia artificial green walls.

Green Credentials

Vistafolia is fully dedicated to reducing and removing any waste to landfill through the use of our products. As such, all the packaging is recyclable, as well as being sourced from sustainable forests. The steel grid that backs the panels is fully recyclable. Plus, any plants that are not needed are recycled in-house, for use on future projects.

Bio-PE development

Vistafolia’s commitment to research and development has effected the start of the KTP project. Backed by the UK government, research is underway to develop a bio-based polymer for manufacturing our green walls, paving the way for a fully renewable source of material, drastically reducing our carbon footprint and further stamping our authority as a market leader. As well as this, the bio-based polymer is likely to have better attributes for longevity, minimising the risk of any product ever needing to be replaced, and eliminating a need for product to end up in landfill.

Long Term Cost

As mentioned above, there are a lot of potential pitfalls that can be found when purchasing elsewhere. Whether that be an uncertainty as to how and where the product is manufactured; the truth behind the certifications other products have or the added costs of having to purchase external protective goods to improve their longevity. The product may not last as long as you would like and you find yourself back at square one. Therefore, Vistafolia can guarantee that your product is safe, designed and developed in the United Kingdom and that once the product is fitted, you are good to go. Simple as that.


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