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Artificial green walls as privacy screens in the office

Acoustic Qualities of using Vistafolia panels in offices

The quality of life that employees have in their working environment has increasingly become a focus for businesses in recent years, and will no doubt be in the spotlight as employees start to return to work in the coming weeks and months. While most workplaces now adhere to standards of health and safety, beyond this few have looked at the benefits of improving environments with a focus on increasing productivity and performance. Acoustics is one area where there is now a lot of information about how your building could be affecting the way staff perform – where acoustics are bad this could be having more of an impact than anyone realised.

The open plan office

Today, many workplaces have switched to a more open design and this has a lot of benefits in terms of collaboration, space saving design and teamwork. However, it can also create issues with noise, whether that is from technology, other people, loud footsteps, mechanical sounds or external noises that reverberate around a space. Research has found that noise pollution in office environments can drain employee morale and make it difficult to concentrate, especially on tough tasks. Where acoustics are poor this noise pollution is amplified and this can have a big impact on employees, their engagement with their jobs and how creative, innovative and productive they are able to be.

Improving acoustics with Vistafolia for better performance

There are a number of different ways to improve the acoustics of an office space, including with furniture, flooring and furnishings. Vistafolia Green Wall Panels are perhaps one of the simplest and most effective ways to help reduce noise pollution in an open area by making the acoustics better suited to the environment. The random patterns of the foliage on the panel deflect soundwaves, minimising echo which, in turn, lessens noise, which is something that is often overlooked when choosing a product but actually should be a key factor. These qualities include deadening sound, which is a significant benefit in a busy office environment. And on top of our green wall panels, another products currently in development at Vistafolia is a new office screen, which will – among other things – have optimum acoustic properties thanks to an innovative foam backing.

The benefits of better acoustics

A recent study found that 70% of employees said that they felt they would be more productive if the environment in which they were working was less noisy. This could have a significant impact on the bottom line of any business. There are many more innovative solutions to creating a less noise environment than construction driven change or moving premises – and a lot that are far less expensive. Panels are a simple example of this. Where they are used effectively they can help to reduce noise pollution and this creates a quieter space. Such a workspace not only helps to create a more peaceful atmosphere for those working within it but can also be very effective at reducing workplace stress.

If your office is bustling then this may appear to be a sign of lots of productivity but it could be creating noise pollution that hampers this. Solutions – such as the Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels and the upcoming Vistafolia office screen – provide opportunities to introduce more peace and quiet into workplaces that may increase productivity as a result.


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