Stylish Artificial Green Wall

Stylish Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Walls London

Vistafolia® is the leading manufacturing company in artificial green walls we are the best in the industry. Known for our quality and durability, our green wall panels are the preferred choice for many. Rosebank Landscaping is just another company who have trusted us to deliver on our products. An award winning landscape design company work with our products to create beautiful outdoor spaces that customers absolutely adore.


Not all clients want live greenery in their garden because it takes a lot to maintain and it’s quite difficult to build bespoke natural greenery to your exact specifications. In this project, the client wanted a green garden wall that would work well with the natural surroundings and grey concrete panels fixed to the wall. It was the skill of the design team who used our product to create something stunning for the client. The combination of the concrete tiles and the Vistafolia® wall panel really gave this outdoor space the lift it needed. Our products always add elegance and sophistication to any space, whether it’s in an outdoor yard, a vast garden or the interior of a retail store, restaurant or office. They can really lift any space with careful planning and strategic placement.

Transform with Vistafolia®. Our products are designed to last and we take an incredible amount of pride in providing all of our clients with the very best, whether it’s a company such as Rosebank or a client who we work with directly on their home or business, our goal is to help people transform spaces with beautiful greenery. On our products, we offer a five year warranty from fading. Featuring UV resistant technology, the panels are designed so they won’t fade, no matter how long they are in direct sunlight. We want our products to look as good after the first year as they do the day they are installed. As well as being resistant to the weather, our products are also incredibly flexible too, allowing you to weave them into existing greenery, add additional colour or mould them around many different shapes.

Real plants can take many years to look how the Vistafolia® wall panels will look. In a matter of hours, you will have your very own piece of paradise and with no maintenance, it will retain its lush green colour for many years. We have worked successfully with many clients to create beautiful outdoor areas and Rosebank is just another of our happy customers.

Credits Photography by Marien Maejus. Rose Bank Landscape Matt Keightley Garden Designer