Luxury Rooftop Balcony living wall

Luxury Rooftop Balcony

London Rooftop Green Wall

The Maple Building in Highgate, London, was once a warehouse, bustling with activity. Now, the activity comes in the form of its many residences, following a multi-million pound redevelopment that converted the space into luxury penthouse suites and apartments. And though the top floor apartments afford the homeowner a great view out over London with The Shard visible in the distance, the grey air-conditioning units at the end of each stretch leave a little bit to be desired. Up high, a real wall would no doubt struggle to survive the wind and would certainly be too heavy to mount onto the existing wall.


Step forward Vistafolia with our ingenious solutions for every occasion. The tenants of not one, but two different apartments decided they wanted to swap grey for green, and tasked us with adding a splash of colour to their balcony and turning it into a fully functional space for those warm summer evenings. Our lightweight green wall panels are ideal for applications where the existing substrate has limited strength. In this instance, a few pieces of timber were used to create a sturdy frame and fixed to the existing metalwork. From there, our team installed the panels with a minimum of fuss, bringing a lush mixture of planting to both spaces.

Safety is a top priority for Vistafolia and as such, all of our products are fully fire tested and designed to comply with even the strictest of building control standards. Both clients were delighted to know that the fire rating was fully compliant with the requirements for the building and gave everyone complete peace of mind. Not only that, but our UV testing also means that, despite getting a blast of sunlight for a long period of the day, the walls will stay looking their best for many years to come, never showing the effects of what mother nature may throw at them.

Every single Vistafolia artificial plant is hand designed and perfected through a long process of prototyping. Quite simply, ‘pretty good’ isn’t good enough. Our strive for perfection means that we keep working to improve our products every step of the way. This means that the green wall that you buy is as close to the real thing and as close to perfection as it can get. So if you’ve got a space that is need of some colour, or you just want to find out more then get in touch today and see how Vistafolia’s beautiful artificial green wall solutions could be the only greenery you ever need.