Trendy bar with living wall display

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Bat & Ball, Westfield Shopping Centre, London

In the world of architecture and design, most walls are simple rectangles. However, some spaces beckon for something different, a touch of creativity that breaks the mold. The Bat & Ball in Stratford, known for its commitment to uniqueness and providing customers with an unparalleled retail experience, was not content with an off-the-shelf green wall. They sought a bespoke design, a custom-fit green wall that would align with their distinctive vision. The solution? Vistafolia® – an artificial green wall that perfectly catered to their needs, as a real wall would have been entirely impractical.

The expansive timber wall within the bar served as a blank canvas for this innovative project. Our in-house design team enthusiastically embraced the challenge of creating an eye-catching and unusual concept. Keeping in mind our 80cm x 80cm panel size, we minimized wastage from offcuts, ensuring that the client received maximum value from their Vistafolia® panels. Designing unique green walls is a passion for Vistafolia’s design team, and seeing their concept materialize into a finished project is always a rewarding experience.

Leveraging their profound understanding of the product and close collaboration with our technical department, our design team successfully crafted a concept that not only delighted the eye but also facilitated a straightforward installation. This design resulted in an instant, zero-maintenance luxury green wall that would grace the bar year-round.

Maintenance was a paramount concern for this project, given the wall’s height. The Vistafolia® solution eliminates the need for ongoing care, allowing our clients to focus on more pressing matters in life. The bursts of lush green foliage added an enchanting tapestry of color against the rustic wood of the timber panels. Incorporating additional foliage from our color boxes offered the flexibility to achieve the precise desired aesthetic, infusing an element of randomness that mimics the appearance of a living green wall.

Situated in the bustling Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, London, the “green wall” needed to comply with stringent building regulations. Vistafolia’s best-in-class fire certification set it apart as the only artificial green wall product in the market that could meet these rigorous requirements. This assurance provided everyone involved with complete peace of mind.

At Vistafolia®, we relish the opportunity to transcend the ordinary and create exceptional green wall solutions that captivate the imagination. The Bat & Ball in Stratford now boasts a one-of-a-kind green wall that not only stands out but also stands as a testament to the fusion of innovative design, practicality, and unrivaled aesthetics. If you’re considering a unique green wall project that pushes the boundaries of creativity, contact our team of experts at Vistafolia®. Together, we can turn your vision into a stunning reality, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.


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